The 3 Best Ways To Get Away From The Tourist Crowds In Spain

The 3 Best Ways To Get Away From The Tourist Crowds In Spain

Spain is a magical country and a jewel of the Mediterranean. It has a lot of ideal locations that make it a perfect destination for tourists from all over the world. The problem is that as a tourist you can end up overwhelmed due to the crowds.  This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t visit or that dealing with crowds is inevitable.

There are lots of ways to get away from the mobs of tourists so you can enjoy a peaceful and relaxing vacation in Spain. In this article, we will go over several ways that you can avoid the tourist hordes and enjoy Spain like a local.

1 – Get out to sea

One of the best ways to enjoy Spain is to see it from the water. For starters, if you rent a sailing boat rent with 12knots you can sleep on it and not have to stay in a crowded hotel in the middle of a crowded tourist area.

Many of them offer a captain and crew so it is usually a better experience than staying in a hotel anyway.

You have easy access to any of the beautiful and untouched areas of Spain that many tourists don’t get a chance to see.

There are some small beaches that will practically be deserted that you can sail to. You will also have the advantage of staying in areas where the tourists leave in the evening leaving you to explore the town without the crowds.

2 – Stay in a small village

There are a lot of small villages that are incredibly charming but are not known by tourists. You can get the quintessential Spanish experience by staying in these villages that isn’t available when you stay in a touristy area. This is how to experience Spain like a local.

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You’ll often eat much better, authentic cuisine that costs a fraction of what it costs in the tourist traps. This is because, in a setting like this, the restaurants cater to locals so the food has to be good and cheap.

Very often, these small villages also have some point of interest that isn’t in the guidebooks so you can enjoy it without standing in line.

3 – Go in the offseason

If you have some bucket list items that you want to make sure to experience but don’t want the crowds then go in the offseason. This way you can wander the Rambla and see the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona without feeling claustrophobic due to the crowds.

All of the charms of Spain are still present no matter what time of year you go. Winters are very mild so you can still enjoy some good weather even if you are not there in the summer.

The food is going to be the same so if you are there on a food tour then you will enjoy some excellent cuisine and tapas without having to jostle your way in.


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