How to Prepare for Your Major Hike?

How to Prepare for Your Major Hike?

A major hike is not an ordinary hike. This is an activity that needs stamina, endurance, and strength. That is why you need to be completely ready for it.

Here are some tips on how to prepare for your major hike.

Go to Your Doctor

Seeing your doctor is the first thing you should do before you start any strenuous physical activity. Your doctor may suggest other activities if you have been inactive for a long while. If you have your heart set on hiking, your doctor will suggest some measures to prevent injuries or health emergencies.

Remember to Warm Up

Warming up before any type of training or workout is important. This can be in the form of stretching or brisk walking for 10-15 minutes. Warming up allows your muscles to loosen. It prepares your heart and blood vessels for the training.

Start Early

At least 12 weeks before the hike, start subjecting your body to workouts. This will help you track your progress. Training early can introduce your body to long hours of activity. Going on a treadmill or a step machine can help you build your endurance and stamina.

Rei is an organization that focuses on giving its members great discounts. You can use your REI coupon to get the training gear that you need. This includes correct hiking shoes. Breaking the shoes in can help you get used to wearing them before the hike.

Go on Practice Hikes

This is an effective way to strengthen your willpower and motivation for the challenge. Go on short hikes in your area using your hiking shoes. Gradually increase the distance and intensity. This will help your body adjust to the environmental stressors of the hike.

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Practicing your hiking in areas with other trekkers or hikers will keep you safe when you hike by yourself. Hiking on more challenging terrain will need the buddy system. Bringing a friend who is also efficient and skilled in hiking can make each practice run smooth and safe.

Improve Your Cardio

Your training should include stamina building. You can walk, run or swim to keep your cardiovascular system in top shape. This will help prepare you for the long hiking days wearing your hiking shoes.

Working on your cardio about two times a week can enhance your general health and fitness. You may even find the major hike fun and enjoyable.

Be Safe

While training, carry a small bag with a first aid kit and some water. You can also bring a retractable defense stick, pepper spray, or whistle when you practice hiking alone. Using a coupon can help you get good deals for these items.

Cool Down With Some Stretching

Cooling down after your training is as important as warming up. This could be in the form of light stretches or walking. Cooling down helps your body go back to its pre-activity state. It will also help prevent aches and pains.

Preparing Well for the Major Hike Can Help Keep Your Body Strong From Start to Finish

This kind of physical challenge needs consistent and intense training. Physical workouts trigger mental and emotional readiness. Gradual progress during training can result in long-term improvement in your health. This can make you strong enough to go through the major hike with less effort. You can buy what you need with your REI coupon to help you train and achieve your hiking goals.

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