What do they do in Neuro Rehab?

What do they do in Neuro Rehab?

Human bodies are constituted by billions of nerves that run across all the organs and connect every part of the body.

The nerves are centrally commanded by the brain and supported by the spinal cord. The nerves pass electrical impulses to the brain as they encounter stimuli from the outside world.

These stimuli are processed by the brain and responded in the form of motor functions. When the nerves of the body are affected by some grievous injury or disorder, the body is incapable of doing these functions.

A Neuro Rehabilitation Centre can provide necessary help in terms of recovery and rehabilitation for such neuro-affected individuals by helping them recover from such disorders and manage their disorder in the most efficient manner possible.

Treating or completely recovering from neuro-related disorders are fewer but rehabilitation and management of the disorder are possible with the help of the best of care providers.

Neurological Disorders that require Rehabilitation

Neurological disorders affect the nervous system in some or the other way and end up disturbing the motor skills of the individuals.

In most cases, these are caused by some grievous injury or accident but in some other cases, they are age-related or genetic.

Neurological disorders can affect any person irrespective of age and gender if they are genetic. In this scenario, medical treatments may not help the person recover.

Rehabilitation and management of the disorder through proper care can help such individuals in recovering and taking care of themselves in the most effective manner.

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Below are some of the disorders due to which neurorehabilitation may be required:

  • Severe Accidents and Injury to Head or Spinal Cord
  • Stroke that incapacitates a part of the body
  • Brain Haemorrhage
  • Meningitis, Encephalitis, and Polio
  • Bell’s Palsy, Cervical Spondylosis, Muscular Dystrophy
  • Seizures and Neuralgia
  • Alzheimer’s, Freidrich’s Ataxia, Huntington Chorea
  • Multiple and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

These are some of the disorders that affect patients either due to accidents, age, nerve degeneration, or due to genetic factors.

In most of these cases, medical treatments may only do partial benefits. Rehabilitation is the way forward for them so that they can learn to live by themselves and make the best of their skills.

Many patients can recover in the process, partially and to an extent. Most people can learn to manage the disorders and live a more peaceful life.

Process of Neuro Rehabilitation

India has some of the best neuro-rehabilitation centers and some of the best therapists who can help recover from such a disorder. The neuro-rehabilitation centre in Bangalore is known for its excellent rehab campus with expert care.

Professional therapists interact and indulge daily to help neuro-rehabilitation patients to assess their level of disability.

Individual recovery and care plans are prepared and specialized care is provided to patients to help them perform motor skills and manage their disorders in their best possible way.

Various exercises, physiotherapy, some medication, and therapy help patients build their strength and confidence.

The rehab program harnesses the balance, movement, coordination, and strength of the patient and helps them utilize these functions in the most efficient manner possible.

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It is a continuous format that requires the patient to practice and carry on the rehab process.

The program increases the patient’s gait, stamina, confidence, reduces tension and muscle contraction, degeneration, optimizes movement, stability, coordination, posture correction, etc.


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