Discover Amazing Honeymoon Places in India This Year

Discover Amazing Honeymoon Places in India This Year

A honeymoon is a place where nature instigates you to recreate the romance within you and your couple. Hence, while planning your honeymoon it is important that you choose a perfect destination so that you can experience the liveliness in your life all over again.

A place holding the natural serine beauty is enough to rejuvenate yourself to deal with the chaos of the normal life back again. Here is a list of some amazingly best places in India for honeymoon. Go through the guide ad get a glimpse of details of the places. Hence, you can choose your favorite spot and experience your honeymoon there.

Popular Honeymoon Places in India

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Celebrating your love bond can never be more interesting than in Nainital which is a place with a beautiful landscape view. You can have quality time with your partner and even explore activities that can get you some adrenaline rush. A place with warm hospitality and comfortable transportation is all that you got to gather. Enjoying the landscape with your better half can be thrilling. The greenery around can be refreshing and make you fall for your partner even more than you already have.

mussoorie places to visit


Give a quick start to your togetherness by choosing this amazing place as your honeymoon spot. This can seem all dreamy to you. Have the most amazing and romantic experiences here in Mussoorie. The hills are enticing and mesmerizing for couples to forget everything and dive in each other’s love all over again. You can have an amazing and memorable experience here.

A pristine picturesque from the glass window can freeze the moment for a while. Some important things to do here is trying some adventurous activity like trekking or hiking at happy Valley, shopping at Kurli and Landour Bazaar, a Bike ride with your partner at Camel Back road.

islands near india for honeymoon
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Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Andaman and Nicobar Island is one of the most sought and the best honeymoon places in India in February. Ample of lusting and romantic things can make you feel overwhelmed for being the part of the moment. So if you are waiting to have an amazing honeymoon experience, then this can be one of the destinations that can never go wrong. Delicacies all around, scope to experience adventure, beautiful scenario, beaches, etc. make is one of the complete packages for the couples. You can rediscover your love there as the environment hatched a conspiracy to make you go romantic with your partner.

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Honeymoon in GOA is like a dream coming true. The waves of romance can instigate you to experience romance with your partner is a magical way. The sea waves open its arm to wide to engulf all your agonies of the chaotic world and leave you fresh and filled with compassion for your partner. The buzzing nightlife in the area and the nightlife can blow the mind of the honeymooners off. You can again get entangled in some sensuous affair with the love of your life over there. Thus, it is one of the most romantic honeymoon suites for couples.

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The untouched beauty of the landscape of Munnar makes it the most desirable site for the honeymooners. Located in the South, this is one of the best honeymoon places in India for couples who are seeking to instigate the wildness and romance in their lives again. The lakeside of Kundala offers the most romantic vibes that one cannot feel anyone else. You can even have an amazing experience of walking in the clouds with your better half and trek the routes of the mountain top which is high enough to get you some serious adventurous activities.

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The magical lad of romantic vies, Darjeeling is one of the Himalayan heavens which holds magnificent beauty in it. It is famous all over the world for the tee-plantation areas and the jaw-dropping mountainous scenery is a visual delight. The vibrant culture and colorful streets of the location graceful entices people and hence, serves as the perfect honeymoon destination for people. Couples from all over the world choose Darjeeling as the honeymoon spot. The heavenly experience ultimately conspires to help the couple dive deep into the love and embrace their togetherness.


This is a town that is a colony of hills and serves as an amazing destination of honeymoon for the couples. Khajjiar is eve a perfect place to revive the romance within the relationship of a couple. The clouds like cotton candy complement the lush green scenario of the place well. Paragliding is also an adventurous activity that can be tried out over there. Some other activities to try are horse-riding, zorbing. Couples can even pay a visit to Kalatop Sanctuary to take the visual delight of wildlife. Chamera Lake is a place where couples cannot just feel the lusty air but can even get an adrenaline rush by trying boat riding.



Ooty is a green place with lakes and valleys which contribute to a panoramic view. This is an amazing honeymoon destination for the new weds to feel the freshness and start it all by embracing the togetherness. The Nilgiri hills is a romantic place to be with your better half. The hidden valley, surrounded by mountains provides various scopes for the adventurous soul to experience some thrilling activities like trekking. The green forest can never fall scantier to get your fresh air as well as happiness. The gushing river, Emerald dam as well as the Rose Garden is worth paying a visit.

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islands near india for honeymoon


Lakshadweep is one of the major honeymoon destinations for couples just after their wedding. The weather of the place is a tropical one which is a blessing for the place making the place so pleasant throughout the year. The sand, beaches, flirty air sets it apart from all the other places in the world. Agatti is a snorkeling spot in the Lakshadweep which can help you witness marine life. Kadmat Island can even give you some memorable time with your better half. The amazing lagoon is an admirable thing in the Island.


Shimla & Manali

It is a timeless experience to have a honeymoon in Shimla and Manali. The scenic beauty can be the most ecstatic experience that you can ever have with your partner. The dream honeymoon can even overjoy couples. The snowfield valleys and hills can give you a lot more thrill. The Jogini falls is a free-flowing stream of water that can give the most secluded and seductive environment for the couples to relive their romantic selves. Solang valley and the Bhrigu Lake are some of the major places to visit in Shimla and Manali.

For the couples who are finding a perfect destination for their honeymoon in India, Kerela is your answer. Nowadays online Kerala honeymoon packages are available online at reasonable rates with every single detail about your package.

You can have an amazing experience with your partner in these places in India. These are the places where you can discover romance in the air. When you breathe in here, you are sure you have made your way to a different world, which has no chaos, just fun.
So, if you are planning your honeymoon in India, then this guide can help you choose the best places to visit for honeymoon in India, that it can get you back the newness in the relationship between you and your partner. Plan your honeymoon and feel the new vibe again.


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