10 Proven Remedies To Get Thicker Hair Naturally

10 Proven Remedies To Get Thicker Hair Naturally

Who does not yearn for locks like Rapunzel? We all do, don’t we? But definitely not to elope like her, but instead to flaunt them and make grandmas say—”oh that hair! Just like in our olden days! ” The frantic schedule that today’s techno women are entangled with is enough to make them go sobbing in bed. Let’s not let hair issues be one of them!

But hey! Isn’t life a bit messy? Our hair has gotten messy too, owing to the chemical-laden pollution and, of course, the dearth of time for us to take care of ourselves.

So, how do we deal with our hectic schedules while still allowing our hair to be as it was in the past, just like grandma’s? We have a solution, in fact, a number of solutions! We have filled our buckets with natural remedies for thicker hair, and we’d definitely want to have you use our bucket.

So, while we enlist these grandma’s approved DIYs, you can just lie back and dream of having luscious, voluminous, silky and long tresses instead of dreary expeditions on “how to get thicker hair naturally”—requiring you to push yourself and get your hands working on these DIYs ASAP!

Let’s get started with the list to grow thick hair naturally – 

Orange Juice and Apple Mixture:

Take some orange juice and apple puree and apply it to the scalp. Orange juice has a lot of vitamin C, which supports the growth of the hair follicles and strengthens the roots. Take some orange juice and apple puree and apply it to the scalp. Apples provide antioxidants that protect hair from external factors’ effects, boosting hair development and reducing hair loss. This will support hair that is naturally thick and healthy.

Indian Gooseberry Mask:

Indian gooseberry, often referred to as amla, has antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities that aid in enhancing the health of the scalp. In addition to promoting hair growth, it strengthens the roots. Combine some amla with coconut oil to create a hair mask. After massaging the oil into your scalp, let it sit for the night. In the morning, wash it off with a gentle shampoo.

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Flaxseed Gel:

Flaxseeds are another item that can naturally promote thicker hair since they are high in Omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants. Take some flax seeds and soak them for one to two hours in water. Once you have a gel-like consistency, begin to boil it. Apply the gel to your hair and scalp after allowing it to cool and rinse off.

Castor Oil and Coconut Oil Massage:

Castor oil works wonders for thicker, stronger hair growth as well as hair regrowth. Because castor oil is a sticky hair oil, you need to combine it with other hair-friendly hair oils like coconut or olive oil. Apply to the scalp and throughout the length of the hair after thoroughly mixing and warming. Rinse off with a typical shampoo after keeping it for an hour or overnight.


Yogurt contains probiotics, which may promote healthy hair development and guard against hair damage. According to the research, it boosts the number of subcuticular follicles, producing more luxuriant hair. As a result, it could also aid in accelerating human hair growth. Things You Can Do: Have yoghurt once a day.

Onion Juice:

Scientists have shown that onion juice’s phytochemical components can encourage hair development and may be a successful therapy for patchy alopecia areata. Half an onion should be juiced. Apply it to your scalp after straining it. For an hour, leave it on. Use a shampoo to fully remove it. Follow this twice a week.


According to the research, fenugreek greatly reduced hair loss and encouraged the development of new hair in rats. If you have a legume allergy, such as to peanuts, green peas, or soybeans, do not use this home cure. Overnight, soak 1/4 cup of fenugreek seeds in water. Make a paste out of the seeds, then use it as a hair mask.

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Fish Oil:

Omega-3 fatty acids, which are abundant in fish oil, can encourage hair growth. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) stimulates the formation of dermal papilla cells in your scalp, which in turn promotes the growth of hair. This can counteract the effects of balding and hair loss. Be careful to speak with your dermatologist before using fish oil supplements.


Coffee contains a lot of caffeine. According to research, caffeine can lengthen the hair shaft and accelerate hair growth by extending the anagen phase. This can slow hair loss and baldness. Brew your coffee and consume it at least once a day. Due to the high caffeine concentration in coffee, limit your intake.

The 3 ‘C’ mask:

Cocoa, Coconut, and Cinnamon
Antioxidants and theobromine included in this mask aid in stimulating follicle development and the flow of blood surrounding them.


  • 10 tbsp coconut cream
  • ½ cup cocoa powder (no added sugar)
  • ¾ tbsp powdered cinnamon

Prep Time: 5 Minutes

Leave-In Time: 30 Mins


  1. In a bowl, combine all the ingredients. Stir continuously until the mixture becomes creamy and smooth.
  2. Apply the mixture to moist hair from roots to tips after giving your hair a thorough rinse.
  3. After that, put a plastic lid on top of it and let it in place for 30 minutes.
  4. Use your regular shampoo and warm water to rinse your hair. Consider using a cleaning shampoo.

This mask cannot be refrigerated or stored. It must be made and used fresh. I hope you liked my article on how to get or grow thicker hair naturally. I explained about it in detail here. Stay tuned with me for more interesting articles on hair, skin and more.


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