5 Best Hair Loss Home Remedies For Damaged Hair

5 Best Hair Loss Home Remedies For Damaged Hair

In this post, you’ll get detailed information about home remedies for damaged hair. Ladies, believe it or not, the best hair loss treatments for women are available in our homes. The most prominent complain that women have is the way the chemicals affect their hair, but what if, we were to use only home remedies for hair regrowth? That would help in putting aside all our concerns, regarding maintaining our hair, especially when most of us are always under pressure to look good, while being busy with other things.

Listed below are the 5 natural remedies for hair loss, that can be used by all women on the day-to-day basis to see the gradual improvement in their hair quality.

Home Remedies For Damaged Hair

home remedies for dry hair

Use A Shampoo That Is Conducive for Your Hair

Believe me, you do not want to use a shampoo that does not suit the requirements of your hair. We have all had our share of disasters when we used a shampoo that wasn’t good for our hair, and we ended up looking worse.

But here is a one stop solution to good hair days, without visiting the parlour. That is, Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo. 580 ml of this shampoo can work wonders for your damaged hair. All you must do is apply it carefully on your head, let it remain for a minute or two, add conditioner and wash it off.

All good things take time, but soon enough, you’ll see your hair get back to their original quality. Aroma Magic Moisture Boost Shampoo 200 ml is another shampoo that could be a treat for your hair.

There is a reason that the best shampoos of the world contain oil, but what makes Aroma Magic special is the combination of oils it has as ingredients. That is, Argan oil. In a surprising feat, this is one shampoo that protects the hair from the harshness of the environment and sees to it that the moisture stays in the hair, even as the day progresses. What more could we want?

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use aloe vera

Aloe Vera: Myth and Reality

Now, there are a lot of mixed reviews regarding the way Aloe Vera can affect your hair. Even as initially it was believed that Aloe Vera is the best remedy there is for the damaged hair, eventually, people started to have their doubts regarding its potential.

Yet, it is interesting to note that when it comes to natural remedies for hair loss, Aloe Vera is worth the trust it has won over the years. Taking a strand of the nearby Aloe Vera plant and rubbing it on the scalp can be of great help to revive dead hair, devoid of moisture. Try the Aloe Vera gel, or the Aloe Vera extract, and the improvement in the quality of hair will be noticeable.

egg with warm water

Eggs With Reasonably warm Water

Furthermore, on the list of home remedies, add eggs to warm water. Granted, it can stink. But these are just one of the things we will have to do such that the hair can go back to being repaired. Let the mixture stay in the head for a while and then wash it off with cool water.

The stink may take a while to leave but this would be a giant leap towards treatment in hair loss. Also, natural remedies for hair loss for women will always have an edge over the excessive unnecessary use of chemicals.

use banana

Go With Bananas

It is a well-known fact that bananas have a huge amount of water. Basically, they are the natural bags of water and roughage. Again, the strong sweet smell might be an issue, but it is not a heavy price to pay for the change in the quality of hair that will be noticed over a period.

Bananas add moisture to the hair, making them silkier. Moreover, the excessive Potassium in the bananas lead to the strengthening of hair. Lastly, if you are dealing with dry hair, prefer bananas.

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home remedies for dry damaged hair

Coconut Oil

It is the oldest remedy in the book. There is a reason they make applying hair oil compulsory in schools. It is good for curing some major ailments of human body, but primarily, it is good for the hair. Applying coconut oil can keep the lice away from the hair. Once it seeps into the hair follicles, it can bring out massive change in the way the hair gets affected by dandruff.

And the shine, the thickness of the hair brought about through the means of coconut oil stays through the years. So, applying Coconut hair oil remains the best hair treatment there is, and it is important that women of all ages continue to apply hair oil through the busy schedules and household responsibilities.

Facts :

It is important to keep in mind that different hair have different textures, and therefore the requirement of all kinds of hair is different.

It is also important to note that a change in the hair cannot take place overnight. However, if you are aiming to improve the quality of your hair naturally, it is important that much care is put into undoing the damage.

The hair gets its finest treatment when it is not subjected to artificial chemicals. But if your hair has suffered at the hands of artificial chemicals, it would be beneficial to look at the requirements of your hair to get better.

These are steps that can be taken to improve the quality of hair:

  • Carefully observe what is it that the hair requires
  • Select the remedy accordingly
  • Treat your hair with that remedy at regular intervals
  • Switch to other options if that remedy does not work in the long run

However, understand that any remedy will take a certain amount of time to work its magic. Be patient to stay naturally pretty! 😊😊😉😉 Hope you got your home remedies for damaged hair in this post.


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