Best Love Quotes for Her and Him

Best Love Quotes for Her and Him

The approaching of the Valentine season might have fueled you to plan something that can get your beloved feel special. Putting up efforts for special gift items, teddy bears, etc. has worked for ages. But don’t you think you must bring something very special to her this time. Nothing can match up to the quotes or written piece which might make your beloved be in the seventh heaven. Yeah, you can find your lover blushing with the utmost ecstasy when you present some written pieces or quotes.

Love Quotes for Her

love quotes for her

“The intoxicating hangover of my love in your eyes, when you stare at me drives me crazier to fall for you even more than I did in the previous second.”

cute love quotes for her

“I love everything about us- our fights just like the crunch of the potato chips, your kiss just like any soothing rose petal on my lips, your grip on my hands firm like some colossal solid rock, and you by my side just like an elixir of life!”

my love quotes for her

“And you ask me how much I love you- Have you asked an ocean the number of droplets it holds? Have you ever asked the sky how wide it is spread? It is the multiplications of an infinite deal of feelings that you have for me, it is real, it is powerful and that’s what matters.”

i love you quotes for her

“To thank you in words is beyond my capability. Oh, beloved, your arrival has made me believe in togetherness rather than despondency. I am a positively-vibrant person today and you are my creator.”

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love quotes for wife

“If you lack shoulders to lean on, my doors are open for you. If you are having hard times being in solitude, then step in the void of my world. If you seek some grip in your hand, please hold mine. If you feel less loved, dive in my heart. My insane love for you has got all sanity to shower you with love.”

Love Quotes for Him

love quotes for him

“You complete me in every way. You have brightened the darkest tunnel of my life. You are my divine bliss.”

i love you quotes for him

“The moment when you held my hand out of nowhere, I was yours!”

short love quotes for him

“My love for you is immortal, and here I announce, you are my love to eternity, until the star fall, until the sun loses its shine, until the world lives!!”

good love quotes for him

“Your smile livens my world with more liveliness in it.”

awesome love quotes for him

“My love for you overpowers the fear of losing you, I want to breathe in your arms and die leaning on you.”

Hence, use these quotes to express the unbound love you have for your beloved. These quotes can get you the love that you want to see in the eyes of your beloved again. Apart from this you can also send good night love quotes for girlfriend or boyfriend from here.

It is not a matter of how much gifts you can present to your lover on this occasion, but it is all about the special feeling that you can surely ley your beloved sense on that day. These quotes can reignite the same warmth of your relationships. Fall back in love again with your loved one.

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