Worst Foods That Could Cause Hair Loss

Worst Foods That Could Cause Hair Loss

Everyone aspires to have hair that is strong, healthy, silky, and shiny, and the majority of us do all in our power to make this goal a reality.

We do everything, from spending money on shampoos, conditioners, and serums that guarantee healthy hair to visiting pricey hair salons to add shine.

But did you know that, like every other area of the body, hair is impacted by the everyday foods we consume?

Your diet is what gives your hair the nourishment it needs. So, that alone demonstrates how crucial it is to control hair loss and how necessary it is to follow a balanced diet, right?

Well, it’s a little more difficult than that since, despite what the general public believes, many seemingly healthy products may not be all that healthy.

Now that everything has been acknowledged, the topic of how to reduce hair fall naturally follows. Let’s look at some foods that cause hair fall. These are the foods to avoid for hair loss.

Foods That Cause Hair Loss:

  1. Sugar: Too much sugar is bad for both your health and your hair. Protein absorption, which we all know is so necessary for healthy, attractive hair, is hampered by sugar. It’s crucial to reduce additional sugar and seek healthier substitutes, like stevia.
  1. Refined Carbs: These are deficient in nutrients that nourish hair and include a lot of empty calories. White bread, spaghetti, cookies, and cakes are examples of foods with sugar and refined carbohydrates that contribute to hair thinning and hair loss.
  1. Mercury-Laden Food: According to a study, excessive levels of the hazardous element mercury present in some seafood can cause hair loss. Mercury levels in swordfish and mackerel have been shown to be high. Check your seafood for the presence of mercury and other heavy metals.
  1. High Sodium: Do you really believe the main adverse effects of consuming too much salt are elevated blood pressure and water retention? We don’t think the same! Salt can also negatively affect your hair. Use a delicate touch to sprinkle salt on your meal.
  1. Supplements with High Vitamin A: Never use vitamin supplements on your own as an excess of vitamin A supplements has been shown to induce oil gland shrinkage, brittle and fragile hair, and other adverse effects.
  1. Foods with Hydrogenated Oil: Foods rich in hydrogenated oil, such as cakes, biscuits, cookies, frozen pizza, and microwave popcorn, might clog your scalp’s pores and cause hair loss.
  1. Genetically-Engineered Food: Such food is thought to have a different protein structure. According to research, GMO foods are deficient in the nutrients the body requires to support healthy hair and overall well being.
  1. Dairy: One of the best hair care tips we’ve all heard is that milk proteins are really effective in maintaining healthy hair. We are not attempting to refute the opinions of the many experts who concur on this issue.
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However, dairy products have a tendency to aggravate skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and dandruff in people who are prone to them. The main effect of fat is to raise your body’s testosterone levels – Foods with a high glycemic index boost testosterone production. This is one of the various causes of hair loss that have bothered many people all around the world.

  1. Nuts: You may be curious about the harm that nuts may do to your hair. After all, they are rich in protein and good lipids, which are essentially what your hair needs. It’s more than that, though.

The majority of nuts also contain selenium, which although it is necessary in minimal amounts, if ingested in high amounts, can contribute to hair loss. Some people simply have a slight allergy to nuts, which implies that they respond to these nuts somewhat slowly. A receding hairline is frequently the result of this, and it would be wise to get any potential allergies evaluated.

  1. Greasy Foods: As you certainly already know, the scalp produces an oily material known as “sebum.” Both your hair and the skin on your scalp are moisturised by this sebum. But this sebum also has a tendency to get oily when your body is overloaded with grease. Your hair will appear a little too limp and oily as a result. But there is more going on. One of the major causes of hair loss is the oil coating your hair follicles, which makes it harder for your hair to grow. 
  1. Alcohol: Alcohol, which is undoubtedly the main staple of any party ever, is not particularly hair-friendly. Alcohol fundamentally dries out your hair. When your hair doesn’t have enough moisture, it gets brittle and damages the hair.
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Alcohol also lowers your body’s zinc levels, which is another issue. As we have already established, zinc is a rather significant mineral when it comes to hair development and hair volume.

Final Thoughts

We hope you change your eating habits to a calculated and healthier one now that you are aware of the foods to avoid for hair loss. While choosing what to eat may be done in a matter of seconds, getting the hair you want might take days, months, or even years. We don’t ask you to give up your favourites; just remember to consume them carefully!


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