20+ Best and Short Instagram Captions For Selfies

20+ Best and Short Instagram Captions For Selfies

In this era of internet and technology, one of the few things that have definitely made our life a lot easier has ought to be social media. Apart from acting as an efficient tool to keep in touch with friends and family alike, the benefits posed by these platforms are limitless.

The basic idea behind the conception of social media was to let the people closest to us, know about how things are with you. Garnering the reactions to these status updates has become a gauge of pride and rapport nowadays. The greater and better the reactions, the more is the happiness induced for the person that posts.

There is no end to this pursuit of happiness! So, if we are to pursue this happiness, why not do it the best way possible? There are a few things, that appeal to the person viewing the updates. And these appealing attributes are the things that help improve the number of likes on your posts. Adding Instagram selfie captions adds a lot to a post’s likability.

A good caption provides an in-depth understanding of the picture as well as the state of mind the person is in. Here’s a list of Instagram captions for selfie that helps you cut down on the time taken to choose a good one and then post your thoughts.

best selfie captions for instagram
best captions for instagram

1. People often forget to value the important things, instead of valuing the value!
2. You know you are on the right path when the crowd increases.
3. Interesting adventures demand interesting choices!
4. Focus on the good; Coz the rest fades away in no time.
5. The sky is within your grasps, all that is required of you is to reach out.
6. There is no gauge to measure generosity.
7. Does beauty lie in the beholder’s eyes? Nope; it lies in the beholder’s heart!
8. There is no success here, they said. My opinions differed!
9. Feeling like cuddling with my pillow, all day, all night!
10. There is no courage in ignorance.
11. There are a million friendships, but we are our own thing!
12. They pressurized me. I came out as a sparkling diamond.
13. Today is my day! So is the day after. And the day before was too.
14. Capturing art is equally artistic as creating one.
15. You don’t remember the circumstances; You remember the experiences.
16. What’s your kink, they asked; “Food!”, my heart screamed!
17. Riding the waves is way sexier than staring at them!
18. There is no insanity without passion.
19. If you can’t win them, hack them!
20. Meeting this stranger for the millionth time.
21. There is nothing good about perfection.
22. There are two sides to me; One is cute, the other is cuter!
23. You heard a rumor about me? Well, ballads are written for legends only!
24. Today is a new page of your book. And that’s the only page that matters!
25. Roses are red, violets are blue; Darling, don’t get attached to me, I’m the strongest glue!

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So, make use of this list of varied selfie Instagram captions according to your requirements, and wow your followers!


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