Private Label Organic Cosmetics on a Budget: Our Best Money-Saving Tips

Private Label Organic Cosmetics on a Budget: Our Best Money-Saving Tips

Spending too much on cosmetics can be a tough decision, as there is so much pressure to buy organic and natural products. But what happens when you are tempted by all the gorgeous options out there? You may end up spending more than needed or wanted.

Unfortunately for many people, it’s not uncommon that they don’t use their purchases fully before making another purchase. This leads them into an unending cycle of financially crippling cosmetic decisions.

A limited budget can be a difficult position to find oneself in, as it may not allow for the purchase of expensive ingredients. However, that doesn’t mean small businesses and entrepreneurs with smaller means are at a disadvantage.

There is no need to spend loads on options in knowing what private label cosmetics you want to sell. We always advocate experimenting through practice rather than theory, getting acquainted with your chosen materials by trying new formulas until they feel right. Below are 8 top budget-saving tips you can incorporate for making your own private label natural skincare.

Tips For Private Label Organic Cosmetics Products

Don’t purchase cosmetic ingredients randomly

Don’t buy cosmetic ingredients randomly. Work according to a plan of what product formula you want to make first. Learn about the different types of cosmetics out there so that you work on developing the best one for your customers.

Select your ingredients carefully

For the best results, make sure you choose your ingredients carefully. The selection of which ingredient to use depends on what product, skin type, and benefits are desired for that specific moment in time. These factors will ultimately lead to a higher-performing cosmetic without having to break the bank.

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Purchase what’s required

Don’t buy what you don’t need; it will only end up going to waste. It is tempting to buy many ingredients; however, if you’re not going to use it all within its shelf life, you’ll end up buying additional. This way, you will waste more money. The critical takeaway is to plan everything out first by knowing how much of what is needed so no ingredients are going to waste. Also, read our detailed review on maybelline bb cream in this post.

Bring perfection to your technique

If you are making anything more complex than a facial cream, practice it with less expensive ingredients before investing in the pricier versions. You can use water or inexpensive oils and hydrosols instead of pricey ones. This way, if your technique isn’t perfect, you won’t waste any money on costly materials.

Get the appropriate ratio using inexpensive ingredients

Sometimes experimentation is necessary to find out the best ratio of wax and carrier oils for a balm. If you are making one, it’s essential not to use expensive carrier oils until you’ve found an appropriate balance with less costly ones first.

Use a blend of ingredients

A blend of ingredients can be used to maximize product performance while still sticking within a budget. Professional formulators are given target cost prices that they need to stick with when designing products for the public; it is an essential skill if you want your business venture to succeed.

Opt for concentrated ingredients

Concentrated botanical extracts can be an excellent way to save money when making your product. Powdered Aloe Vera, for example, will work out cheaper than liquid and weigh less. CO2 extracts tend to cost less than their carrier oil counterparts as they are more potent ingredients and are quite effective.

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Experiment methodologically by following a structured process of formulation

While many private label cosmetic owners think they’ll be able to figure out the perfect formula for a product or process with trial and error, it’s best not to try this approach. When you do things haphazardly, your chances of failure are much higher as there may have been something missed that could’ve actually led to success. Instead, follow a structured formulation process where you first make sure everything is thought through before making anything by following an analytical plan on paper. When creating products, take time during each step to avoid redoing and wasting ingredients or materials to save both time and money.


Choosing the right ingredients for your product is a key part of creating great performing, cost-effective products. Don’t just choose them because they sound nice, or you see other brands using them (though tempting as that may seem). You have to know what each ingredient will add and how it helps consumers’ skins without breaking the bank. Follow the tips mentioned above to play safely in the world of private label cosmetics.


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