Guide to Kuari Pass Trek 2019 – Trek The Himalayas

Guide to Kuari Pass Trek 2019 – Trek The Himalayas

Kuari Pass Trek lies at a maximum elevation of 12,763ft well known as the Lord Curzon Trail located deep in the Garhwal Himalayas. Kauri Pass Trek offers amazing views of the landscapes of Uttarakhand.

The trek gives a chance to explore the culture and experience of simple living. On this Trek, one can get a chance to see the prominent peaks Kamet, Trishul, Chaukhamba, Nand Devi and its twin Nanda Devi East. This trek brings you closer to nature as one can witness the beautiful forests trails, including jungles of Oak and Deodar trees. These jungles also have Wildlife. One can see paw prints of leopards and Himalayan Black bears.

Kuari Pass Trek gives you the best mountain views ever. It is an easy to moderate trek.

The best time to do this trek is from December to March as the entire trek is covered with snow. Camping and Hiking are the best activities you can do here in Winters. Gorson, Kullahara, and Chitrakantha are the beautiful camping grounds and other attractions of the trek. In monsoon, the trek becomes muddy and slippery, trekkers are advised to avoid this trek.
Temperature in summer remains 19 to 29 degrees and in winter falls -8 degrees and goes maximum up to 12-degree celsius.

This Trek will start from Joshimath, a city located at a height of 6150ft. in Chamoli District in Uttarakhand. It is known as a gateway to many Himalayan trekking trails and a hub for pilgrims tourists who traveling to Badrinath and Hemkund Sahib.
This can be started from three points Joshimath, Ghat or Tapovan.
Routes that are open to Joshimath are from Rishikesh, Haridwar & Dehradun.

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The nearest airport is the Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun which 268 km from Joshimath and 208km from Nandprayag. You can reach Joshimath from Haridwar by taking a bus or private cab.

Joshimath is 260 km and 10 hours journey from Haridwar. During the journey you will see the Dev Prayag –
The meeting of Bhagirathi and the Alaknanda river from the Ganges.
From Joshimath, the trek will go to The Gulling top via Dhak village. The trek will start from here to Kuari Pass.
From Dhak village to Chitrakantha campsite where you will see the amazing views of Nanda Devi and Dronagiri mountains. After this, you will move further to tali village

One more beautiful destination you can encounter is Auli at a distance of 16 km from Joshimath. It is one of the attractions of the trek. Trekkers have a wish to stay in Joshimath or in Auli as per their choice.
Auli is a skiing destination famous in India because of its glittering slopes of snow and a clean environment. Surrounded with apple orchards, oak & deodar, Auli is a beautiful hill station that comes between the Kuari Pass Adventure.

  • Beautiful attractions which come during the trek are the Gulling top via Dhak Village, you will see oak & mixed forest. Gulling point lies at an elevation of 9,600ft and a 6km trek from Joshimath. Gulling point is counted as one of the best campsites.
  • Tali forest, a small trek of 4 km from gulling point. It lies at an elevation of 11,070ft. You will see some white and pink Oak & rhododendron, walnut trees. From Tali top, enjoy the view of Nanda Devi, Kalinka, Chang bang, Dronagri, Hathi Parvat, Gori Parvat Peaks.
  • Kullhara, the last trek to reach Kuari Pass and a beautiful place for a campsite at the top. Kullahar lies at an altitude of 11,800ft and a trek 3.5 km from Tali forest. Trek from Kullahara takes you to a broken bridge with a frozen stream.
  • The final destination for which it all started, Kuari Pass sitting at an elevation of 12,763ft and a 2km trek from the broken bridge.
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Experience the impressive views of all peaks from the top and do camping at the top. Witness the beautiful sunsets and see the star-studded glazy night.

Attractions which you experience throughout the journey are:

  • The Garhwal Himalayas
  • Nanda Devi Massif
  • Beautiful Oak, Rhedodoran forests
  • Camping in snow-covered forests and mountains
  • 360-degree view of The Great Himalayan Peaks
  • Snow Fields rolling slopes of Gorsan Bugyal

This trek is not difficult but requires a lot of physical efforts to reach the top for the unseen and alluring views of the Himalayas. Like a roller coaster, this trek will take you up and down.
Kuari Pass Trek is beautiful, full of adventures and gives you a thrilling experience. With every step, you will be amazed by the beauty of nature.

First-timers can go to this trek if they have an interest in trekking & mountaineering. It is a long trek as it requires a lot of stamina, motivation, and energy. Do this trek with an experienced trek leader. Keep yourself fit and start doing exercise before weeks.

I hope you liked our this Kuari Pass Trek blog. Stay tunes with more!!! Plan a Trip to the famous “Lord Curzon Valley” and enjoy the captivating views of the Himalayas. Live. Travel. Explore.


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