6 Secrets to Look Young, Confident and Beautiful

6 Secrets to Look Young, Confident and Beautiful

Given a chance, many of us would love to go back to our younger days.

Is it because responsibilities were lesser?

We could afford to put on a carefree nature?

Maybe yes but how about looking young again with no wrinkles, fine lines or loose skin? You can have full faith in ‘age is just a number’ theory and apply this in every step of your life but when it comes to your appearance, little can you do anything about it. Your age is visible from how you look.

Fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin are the inseparable companions of old age. Time and tide wait for none and there is nothing that can cease their effects. Nevertheless, you could do a few things to delay the ageing process and keep looking young.

From the food habits to the cosmetics that we are using, everyday we are employing certain practices that are expediting the ageing process. So, do you go on a spending spree to buy the latest anti-ageing pills and creams? Of course not! I have compiled a few effective anti-ageing tips to give you more happy and youthful days.

Ready to look young and feel vibrant?

Let’s start!

Best Anti-Ageing Tips

anti ageing tips

1. More antioxidants and vitamins please

Antioxidants like vitamin B12 plays multiple roles in your body. From producing DNA to boosting your immune and nervous systems, vitamin B12 is an essential antioxidant. Another important item in your skincare arsenal is vitamin A. It fights wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots. Also, don’t forget vitamin C, E and resveratrol. So if flaunting healthy skin and looking young are your goals, start feeding on antioxidants and vitamins from today.

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2. Stop smoking

There are plenty of reasons to quit smoking. Besides causing lung cancer and smoking, did you know it spoils your looks too? If you are addicted to smoking, wait to see its consequences showing up on your appearance. Should have wrinkles, stained teeth or premature ageing, stop blaming on smoking and start quitting.

3. Avoid excessive sugar

Did you think that the power of sugar was limited to just spoiling your teeth? Surprisingly, consuming excessive sugar loosens your skin, making you look older than you actually are. According to Dr. Fred Pescatore, having a balanced diet that includes adequate lean protein and vegetables. A diet that is high on sugar leads to the loss of collagen and elastin making skin loose and giving birth to wrinkles.

4. Keep yourself hydrates ALWAYS

“Drink enough water, it keeps your skin healthy and young” – you’ve heard this perhaps numerous times and it is not without any reason. Your body requires a certain amount of water and if it that is not met, it visibly shows on your skin. Drinking less water will result in the appearance of wrinkles and make your skin look dull. Even if you don’t feel thirsty, should you drink less water? Certainly NO! Drinking 8 glasses of water a day (or even more) is sufficient to keep your skin hydrated and give you a healthy glow in any season.

5. Don’t ignore sun damage

Just as you count your blessings, I would also suggest counting the number of sunburnt portions on your body. In fact, many studies show that a majority of people who got sun burns repeatedly in their younger days, suffered from skin damage and skin cancers later in their lives. Can you believe that? The moral of the story – prevention is better than cure! Before stepping out in the sun, always apply a good sunscreen on the exposed body parts and wear protective clothing. Remember! For the best offence, a good defence was never found to be wrong.

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6. Try anti-ageing treatments

If your skin already has fine lines, wrinkles or has lost its firmness, don’t worry. I still have a solution for you. Opt for anti-ageing treatments in Croydon or elsewhere. Be it microdermabrasion, dermal fillers or mesotherapy, at a competitive price, you can bid goodbye to wrinkles, fine lines and restore firmness. The best part is, these treatments are non-invasive which means no pain but pure gain in the form of healthy, glowing and youthful skin. Say, when are you visiting your beauty clinic?

Conclusion : You may not have the power to stop time but you can certainly delay the process of ageing. Looking younger than the actual age is something everyone wishes for but only a few know the way to it. Thought the fountain of youth is far away? Not anymore. Following these six tips is enough to make you look young and fool everyone!


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