5+ Best Ever Lipstick Shades For Fair Skin

5+ Best Ever Lipstick Shades For Fair Skin

“Lips without Lipstick are like cake without frosting”

Hiii…….Ladies, today I am going to present my views on your favorite topic “Lipstick”. Ha…Ha…Ha…. I know sweet smile come to your lips, which wear a beautiful lipstick now also. 🙂

Anyway as we are know every women love lipsticks because it makes their look stunning. Lipstick are available so many colors and shades. When we go to the counter, we find all the lipstick shades attractive, out one needs to buy lipstick color as per her complexion and skin tone. Below I mention some lipstick shades for fair skin tone.

Best lipsticks shades for perfect occasion and place.

Types of Lipsticks Shades for Fair Skin


1. Red

red lipstick shades

Red is all time favourite color and looks great on fair skin tone. It gives a bold and beautiful look to fair skin women with rosy hues. There are many shades of red lipstick which you can try. Red is perfect for night parties, weddings and many more. So ladies …… “Put some Red lipstick and live a little”. 🙂

2. Orange

orange lipstick

Orange is the color that is perfect for fair skinned beauty, especially teenager girls. It gives you an adventures look beyond the conventional colors. Orange looks stunning with nude eye makeup. It is a blending of softness and boldness. So, ladies…….add some glass to it and you are ready to rule the world.

3. Peach

peach lipstick for fair skin

Peach is a great color for everyday wear. You can wear it to office and college. It gives you a soft type of look. For party look it can be used with a lip gloss. It really makes your lips very pretty. It is best for girls, who believe in less is more. It is perfect for fresh summary look.

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4. Pink

pink lipstick shades

Pink is also good for daily wear. It gives you a girly look. It looks awesome when you natural look with light makeup. The color is not too bold; it would make your eyes stand out. In pink also there are so many shades available which you can try. Instead of boring look, pink add some freshness to your look. Go with pink and it adds a youthful charm to your personality.

5. Purple

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If you want some extra ordinary look, than purple is perfect for you. It gives you a liberty look with hotness. If you are lover of current fashion than go for it. It is best for night parties with shiny eye makeup. Just night out with purple and pleasing the world with your gorgeous look.

6. Brown

brown lipstick for fair skin

When it comes to Brown Lipstick, than some people love it, because some trends should probably just stay in the past where they belong. It is 90’s fashion and now it’s come back. Some people react skeptically when Brown Lipstick mentioned, but I personally believe that it will looks great on every skin tone from fair to dark. If you have a fair skin tone than this deep dark color feels you confident. You can go for brown shade with red or orange under tone. Mauve Brown or berry also looks good on fair skin.

I hope you enjoyed my this article on best lipstick shades for fair skin girls. Stay tuned! for more sexy shades. 🙂


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